Our dance school uniform and shoes can be purchased through our online dance wear store. Uniform / shoe requirements are broken down into the following categories.

Babes – relating to Saturday Babes class
Juniors – relating to Saturday Juniors
Inters – Saturday Inters & Wednesday Inters
Seniors – Wednesday Seniors
Boys –
Accessories – all students

The link is as follows: https://shk.mydancestore.co.uk

Please note the following:-

Heel taps are required for IDTA exams for Juvenile and above
Pink Ballet tights are required for Bronze Ballet exams and higher
Senior ballet students require pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes for class as well as .
Shimmi Boyz T’shirts must be ordered directly from Shimmi Shake as currently not included in the online store.
The Saturday babes and Juniors will require headband and bunnets for class and exams.
All students must attend class with hair off their face and in a bun ready to dance and learn.

If you have any questions, then please contact us on sue@shimmishake.co.uk